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Three Reasons Why To Invest In AIS 125 Certified Ambulance Stretchers

There are certain situations that people are involved in that require immediate medical attention and even a fraction of a second of delay can drastically impact someone’s life. In such scenarios, ambulances play a significant role. Pegged as the ‘hospital on wheels,’ ambulances have saved hundreds of lives by responding to emergency calls. 

However, the paramedics travelling in ambulances need to be extremely careful with the patient they receive. Many paramedics might recall the anxiety they felt while loading their first cot carrying an actual patient into the back of an ambulance. A slight slip of the hand can damage the situation tenfold. Hence, they need to keep a steady hand and a clear mind during such tasks. 


At Satpuda we have focused our efforts towards ensuring the medical professionals get all the support they need. Hence, with the assistance of our industry-standard AIS-125 Certified Ambulance Stretchers, not only paramedics but the patients as well will feel tremendous relief. 

In this article, we have covered the top 3 benefits of investing in our AIS-125 Certified Ambulance Stretchers. 

1. Increase The Patient’s Comfort 

In most cases, ambulances are summoned in situations wherein the patient is under a great deal of pain or suffering. Hence, it is imperative to make their ride to the hospital as comfortable as it can get. With high-quality AIS-125 certified ambulance stretchers, paramedics can easily coordinate the levers and work on strategic lifting, leaving little room for any mishaps. 

Moreover, these stretchers come with five back-rest fixing positions, which can be adjusted depending on the patient’s requirement. Besides an increased level of comfort, this is also very useful if the patient needs to be put in a flat position urgently for performing an emergency CPR. 

Besides the seat-adjusters, our AIS-125 certified stretchers have made provisions for leg rest and elevation, by enabling the leg to create a semi-fowler position. 

2. Get Better Control 

As mentioned previously, while loading or unloading a patient from the ambulance, even the slightest of mistakes can have catastrophic results. The AIS-125 certified stretcher is designed with unique customizations that bring the risks of mishaps close to zero. 

The first addition being castor wheels with brakes, which provides easy manoeuvrability of the stretcher, which is facilitated by the use of ball bearings. Moreover, the stretcher also provides side brakes to ensure the wheels can be easily locked or unlocked, giving the paramedic complete control over the movement of the stretcher. 

Another great feature is the easy locking and unlocking of the stretcher in the ambulance, as it is automatically locked into place by simply sliding it into the base of the vehicle floor. This limits the movement of the stretcher in the ambulance. 

3. Facilitate Easy Access 

In certain situations, paramedics may have to start medical procedures in the ambulance as the patient might be running out of time. Hence, they require as much space as possible to execute the procedure seamlessly. In such cases, heavy, bulky stretchers are the last thing that they need. 

We at Satpuda understand the need for efficiency in ambulances and hence, our industry-grade  AIS-125 certified stretchers are built to facilitate easy access to the patient, as it provides a collapsible side railing that can be folded and retracted without causing any harm to the medical instruments attached to the stretcher. 

In conclusion, the importance of ambulance stretchers are often overlooked, however, by using our high-quality AIS-125 certified stretchers, you are sure to provide better comfort to your patients, as well as a helping hand to the paramedics that can help them save more lives! For more information about the AIS-125 certified stretchers, contact us today!